Accessibility and Languages


We want people to get the most out of our website.

Our website incorporates Recite Me – a web accessibility tool that allows people to customise our website in a way that works best for them.

Why is accessibility important to our work?

We have chosen to add Recite Me web accessibility and language toolbar to our website to make it accessible and inclusive for as many people as possible.

It helps the 1 in 5 people in the UK who have a disability, including those with common conditions like sight loss and dyslexia, to access this website in the way that suits them best.

It also meets the needs of the 1 in 10 people in the UK who don’t speak English as their first language, by being able to translate our web content into over 100 different languages.

How do I access the Recite Me toolbar?

You can open the Recite Me language and accessibility toolbar by clicking on the Accessibility button which can be found at the top right of our websites – on every page.

After you click on the Accessibility button the Recite Me toolbar opens and displays a range of different options for customising how the website looks and how you can access the content.

How does Recite Me help me access this website?

Recite Me helps people to access our website to do the things they need to do, like find information about how to access our services and resources, find out about our volunteer roles, make a complaint and read our latest news.

The Recite Me toolbar has a unique range of functions. You can use it to:

Have the text on our website read aloud (including PDFs)

Download the text as an MP3 file to play it where and when it suits you

Change font sizes and colours

Customise background colour

Translate text into more than 100 different languages

Access a fully integrated dictionary and thesaurus

Reading mask – show only 10% of the screen to help with concentration


You can find out more about how Recite Me works from the Recite Me user guide.

Can I get support with Recite Me?

If you have any questions about Recite Me you can contact us by emailing or calling us on 0131 225 8508