The Bridge to Support service is no longer open but support is still available to survivors of abuse by a Jesuit, a member of the Jesuit’s staff or a volunteer.

Jesuits in Britain

You can receive direct support from the Jesuits via their Safeguarding Coordinator (a lay healthcare professional) who will be happy to help you access psychological and wellbeing support, including therapy and counselling or other practical support and access to Jesuit leaders to discuss your experience. She can also put you in touch with someone independent.


Health in Mind

Health in Mind is an independent Scottish mental health and wellbeing charity. It’s a trauma-informed organisation with specialist experience supporting survivors of abuse. To find out more about Health in Mind and support available please visit

Need help now?

If you feel like you can’t cope or keep yourself safe right now, you should seek help straight
away. Go to any A&E department or call 999 and ask for an ambulance to take you to A&E.